Over the past 15+ years, my wife and I built a portfolio of over 50 apartment units primarily in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. We started with a 6-unit building in 2004 and gradually added to this by focusing our efforts on buying properties in need of rehab in quality neighborhoods.

Our business model is to purchase homes and apartments in good areas, remodel them to a high degree, maintain these properties via quick response to property/tenant maintenance needs, and, in return, charge close to market rents. We self-manage our properties. We look to attain a 5% cash-on-cash return when we purchase in robust market times and a 7%-8% cash-on-cash return in down markets.

We primarily purchase within one hour of where we live, following the advice of former LA Times Real Estate columnist and real estate attorney, Robert J. Bruss. We believe it’s important to have strong relationships with those that provide expert legal, accounting, insurance, and financial advice, in addition to high-quality help in maintaining our units’ physical condition.

My wife and I obtained our real estate licenses, with the desire to share our processes and approach with first and second-time investors who want to grow their own portfolios of properties that can provide long-term (relatively) passive income.


John and Rosalina come to real estate sales and investing, having worked for over 30 years each in finance at Fortune 100 companies. John has a law degree and an MBA and for over 30 years held senior positions at the FDIC, was the regional and national underwriting manager at several large banks and ultimately rose to become the Chief Credit Officer at a national lender. He honed strong negotiating skills during those years to help clients achieve the best purchase or sales results possible.

Rosalina came to the United States to achieve the American Dream. She met John in college and while they raised a family, Rosalina worked full-time, attended college, ultimately obtaining an MBA. She worked at 2 multi-national oil companies, rising at UCLA to become a Senior budget analyst working with one of the 14 Vice Chancellors to ensure multi-million dollar projects were funded. She possesses a keen attention to detail, while keeping the big picture in mind.

Starting @ 20 years ago, John and Rosalina realized, with a growing family, they would never achieve financial independence relying solely on a 401k, social security and some meager savings. They knew there was a better way!

Seeing what several of Rosalina’s brothers were achieving through real estate investing, they used their own skills to build a portfolio of multi-family investment properties in Ventura and LA counties, as well as recently in Northern California.

John and Rosalina bring an understanding of what skills it takes to help both sellers and first-time buyers and investors realize their goals of property ownership. As the real estate market continues to soften they see a real opportunity for:


Sellers attracting the best qualified buyers possible using John and Rosalina’s marketing
First-time buyers and investors to obtain what they have done for themselves and want
to help others achieve – the ability to attain financial independence.

Lots of agents can say they have superior negotiating skills, but John and Rosalina have demonstrated this ability time and again in transactions.

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